If you can afford a house or a car or can have a meal in a restaurant or a five star hotel,and went to bed last night full stomach,you are among the wealthiest people in the world.
If you can afford to dine out every now and then,you are truly blessed.you are better off then96% of the world population.with nearly 900 million people around the world eating barely enough  to stay alive,hungar is by far the biggest killer in this world.
In such a scenario FOOD FOR ALL (FFA) decided to look at the other side of the picture-WASTAGE.........WASTAGE OF FOOD,and that could be a better starting point from our own houses.
Now the question arises what do we exactly do with the leftovers????
Do we throw the food????
Do we give it to our servants or maids????
or simply reuse them the very next day
the answer will vary from person to person but don't you ever think that what ever is left in our kitchen or on our dining table in a restaurant should go into right hands,the answer would be yes definitely it should go into right hands and the right hands are the homeless,financially as well as physically challenged people who can not earn even for their servival.
FFA is a registered charity organisation based in Delhi,which distributes the food to the needful and that to FOR FREE.
we at FFA have taken the initiative to collect the left over food from anywhere in Delhi and planing to make it a big moment so that everybody should have the basic and necessary requirement and that is food.
Please give us a Missed call if you want to be a part of this good cause at 00-919811815999